Whether you are a student looking for a MSc degree with focus on digital security, or an IT professional (such as IT security manager, product or project manager, IT architect or network architect/administrator), or simply someone with an IT/digital background who wants a broad introduction and solid professional foundations in digital security, DTU's educational programs offer you a unique wide range of courses covering different aspects of digital security. 

MSc Programme in Computer Science and Engineering

The MSc program in Computer Science and Engineering focuses on the design and use of computing components - both software and hardware - to solve technical problems efficiently and competitively. The programme covers a wide range of courses in software development, safe and secure IT systems, algorithms and logic, and knowledge-based systems, and distributed and embedded systems. In particular, the programme offers two specializations in digital security by means of the following study lines:

Safe and Secure by Design

The key international IT companies which dominate the marketplace provide highly reliable software-intensive systems and services by using very advanced modeling, analysis and realization techniques. This study line focuses on a number of the proactive methods and techniques used by internationally leading software and hardware companies for engineering safe and secure software-intensive systems. This study line covers the methods and techniques to achieve reliable systems, including program analysis, language-based security, compiler construction, and model checking.

Learn more about the Safe and Secure by Design study line on the corresponding DTU Compute's Web page.

Computer Security

As society becomes increasingly dependent on computer systems, from controlling critical infrastructure to providing public services over the web, the importance of protecting against threats from vandals, criminals, industrial espionage and cyber-terrorism grows dramatically. This study line addresses the secure development, deployment and operation of computer systems that may interact with other computer systems across open networks.

Learn more about the Computer Security study line on the corresponding DTU Compute's Web page.

Master of Cyber Security

The need for cyber security is rising – do you need to upgrade your competencies?
Due to the increasing digitalization in Danish society and in the rest of the world, focus has increased on IT security and the various risks companies, authorities, and citizens face. As a result, DTU Compute Continuing  Education has created a Master’s program in Cyber Security, so that companies and authorities have the  opportunity to qualify and train IT security staff and managers to deal with the increasing pressure in relation to cybercrime.

The Master in Cyber Security program touches on all the major aspects of cyber security, as well as key elements of the overall concept of "information security". It is designed to provide a professional overview for the benefit of those who work (or want to work) with IT security and to provide the necessary competences to manage cyber security efforts from project management (e.g. software development of security critical systems) to the corporate level.

Learn more about the Master of Cyber Security study line on the corresponding DTU Compute's Web page.


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